John & Marion Stonehouse   16 av de la Libération   30450 Génolhac   France   04 66 61 24 16

John Stonehouse:

Marion Stonehouse:

I hope I will always be sensitive to the difference between creating and manufacturing.

— John Stonehouse


Galeriejohn, an intimate art gallery that features the work of John and Marion Stonehouse, occupies a converted sawmill in the medieval village of Génolhac, which sits at the foot of Mont Lozère and on the edge of the magnificent Cévennes National Park.

Discover drawings, paintings, prints and mixed media works which mingle with embroidery, and fine-felt hangings and accessories.

The Galeriejohn art gallery
The Galeriejohn art galleryThe Galeriejohn art galleryThe Galeriejohn art gallery
The Galeriejohn art gallery

“Our house and gallery - formerly a sawmill and carpenters workshop powered by water from the Gardonette (which runs) next to the house - had lain empty for more than 12 years when we found it one summer while walking in the Cévennes. Until we began to clear the garden we didn't know we had terraces. The closest corner to the road parking had for many years been used as a dump from where we removed pieces of old Citroën deux chevaux, army jerricans, bicycle parts, in fact all the stuff of a municipal dump. We want the garden to be part of the gallery and eventually to feature sculpture.

Apart from the two or three mature trees everything in the garden we have planted, we're now trying to structure the plantings a bit to allow each to have its own space to"breathe" and we want to introduce gravel areas to help separate some of the shrubs.”